Bludgeoned At 25

I woke up and saw a lot of messages and greetings in my Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, and other social media site I am involved with.

Maligayang Kaarawan!

Happy Birthday!

Saeng-il Chukhahaeyo!

Otanjoubi Omedettou!

I was bombarded with nonstop rings of simple greetings and wishes. It made my day. I am grateful for celebrating this blessing of existence.

But wait!?!

Then I was hit by the truth – I am 25 years old! Not that I am bothered by it but I have to be careful not to put 24 nor click the 20-24 in the age range anymore. I got used to it for a year so adapting might take a little bit while. LOL1

Before I turned 25, I had faced a myriad of challenges in most aspects of my life. Even yesterday was stressful while queuing for my turn in the doctor’s office. These challenges, I believe, were gifts. They were gifts prior to my birthday. These were some lessons that taught me who, what, and how to value someone or something as I live the quarter of a century of my life.

These were the five lessons that bludgeoned me to be a better person.

1. Travel Monthly

Traveling does not only bring me to another place to enjoy vacation but it relieves me a great deal of stress. It encourages me to experience something new. It inspires me to share my adventures and tell the place’s tale.

It is also exciting especially planning the itinerary, reading reviews, checking transportation costs, and considering budget. It is more exciting when I reach the place, inquire the locals about this and that, and explore like Dora.

I realized that it should be done monthly even places that are near yet unexplored is also alright if I cannot travel afar. Then it is also not complete if I don’t stay, even an overnight in the place I visited. Finally, it is better to travel alone but best to travel with friends.

2. Grow Spiritually

Every Sunday, it has been a part of my routine to attend the mass at the Happiest Place on Earth, “The Feast”. Actually, they do not hold masses only but also talks that will help us improve as a person by focusing on the different aspects of man. They help me nurture my spirituality with a sense of balance.

At The Feast, they equip me (us) with the necessary strength to conquer the days to follow. Being here clarifies my assumptions, teaches me values, and nourishes my soul because the next day is a Monday – the beginning of the working week.

3. Live Healthy

Recently, I was diagnosed with several diseases that mostly was caused by stress and anxiety. I am a person who tends to worry a lot but I am trying to overcome it.

To overcome it, I started doing 10 minutes of yoga in the morning. Using the application Daily Yoga, I am able to meditate and start my day right. I noticed changes like breathing better, attaining more flexibility, and gaining more balance. I plan on doing cardiovascular exercises but I would like to consult my doctor first since I am asthmatic.

Through Fit Star, I learned to be conscious of calories. I did not know that a cup of rice has more than 200 calories when I can only burn 120+ calories a day. Unfair! The fact that I eat three times a day with rice makes it more unfair. Not that I shun rice. I like eating it. I am trying to curb my meals so it won’t hamper my digestive system in performing at its best. Drinking glasses of water is a must too. Fabulous reminds me of that. Too bad that Ipad doesn’t have this application.

To complete the package, sleep is a must. Sleeping well is a must. Every person’s body is different. In my case, I am completely efficient even if I have 6-7 hours of sleep.

4. Spend and Save Wisely

I tend to spend lavishly and save enough. I didn’t realize that there was no balance in both. As I attend financial related seminars and books, I became aware of the three funds I need to have – Wealth Fund, Emergency Fund, and Generosity Fund. (By the way, in The Feast, they also teach this matter.) In my case, I tend to focus on the Wealth Fund, none in the Emergency Fund, and less in the Generosity Fund. These funds would help me in the future hence, start now.

5. Love Happily

Being in love makes the world go round. In love with my family, friends, career, and special persons. At 25, living is alright as loving does. I had countless of relationships being betrayed, ruined, and eradicated by a family, friend, boyfriend (girlfriend for the guys), boss. However, it is not what I lost but what I still have. Astonishingly, I have more. I have heaping relationships now. Boasting aside, I had proved it because there were people who even extended their greeting through call, personal message, text message, and timeline post in Facebook (because I forgot to turn off the privacy mode of my wall, sorry loved ones!). I am really grateful and honored to receive their greetings, wishes, and love.

Hence, these are the bludgeoning gifts for me as I turned 25 today. What’s yours?


Tayo Na Sa Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage! (Antipolo Escapade Part 1)

The best way to start traveling is to be blessed and guided by God, through the intercession of the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage (especially for Catholics). The priest was already giving the homily when we had arrived there at around 7:15 AM. I was astounded by the church’s magnificent altar and retablo. The Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage stood in the center radiating its beauty especially her long curly locks. It has a high dome. You would think that it is big because of the impression the dome gives but I think it is spacious enough for devotees and church-goers. 

The dome of the Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage – impressively high!

The altar where her majesty stands.

I apologize that I am not well-versed in this. I don’t know who are these two images but if you know them, please leave it in the comment below. The priest presider of the mass announced that they were just visiting and would leave the church on that day. We are blessed enough to encounter them here. We said our prayers but was not able to know them so a response would be great.

Anyway, after the mass, we lit candles and prayed for our journey and own prayer intentions. The candle price varies from Php 3 – Php 50 based on the size.

Two candles coming up…

A prayer with a thousand words – for the world, my beloved friends and family, and for myself.


There is a small museum above the candle store. Picture taking is not allowed so no pictures, folks! The museum has a really pleasant smell wafting in the air. Different memorabilias were displayed inside the glasses. From rosaries to clothes, from the popes’ religious items and history, this place should not be missed most especially that each person can kiss, touch, and directly pray to the Lady. This museum is the back of the altar.

By the way, they hold a “Blessing of Religious Items” at the side of the church. They bless the items through sprinkling the holy water. It is for free but you could give donations.

On a bright sunny day, the church is still splendid.

There you have it. First stop – Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage, check! ✔️



From LRT Santolan to Antipolo Church on a UV Express – Php 50.

Tayo Na Sa Antipolo! (Let’s Go To Antipolo!)

Antipolo — when I hear this place’s name, what echoes in my head is the song “Tayo Na Sa Antipolo”. It was not directly taught in school but I usually read it from books and hear it in radios. It is just around 25 kilometers away from the bustling streets of Manila so it is not really far. I had been here. I remembered that I had attended several masses in the famous church here with my family when I was a child. This time, my friends and I planned to visit this pride of Rizal province.
Of course, I am so excited for this trip because I made our itinerary. I chose places that were budget-friendly, for budgetarians like us, and traveler-friendly, for Dora-like explorers like us.

P.S. I am really grateful to the reviews from TripAdvisor and blogs of selected people because it gave me an idea where to go, what to do, and how much is to pay (we don’t have a car, honestly). I highly suggest to you pips to write your reviews regarding a trip or anything because it gives others a glimpse or a preview regarding it.

Here it goes.

We went to Antipolo last October 27, 2016. We left our place at around 6 in the morning. We had expected to arrive by 7 so we could hear the second mass. There was no hassle along our trip because there was no traffic. Our trip was very convenient. After getting off of the UV Express, we had to walk the steep and paved road going to the Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. By the way, I will be listing down my expenses during the trip so you will have an idea how much will it cost you to get there. (Plus, to avoid overpricing on your part.)