Tayo Na Sa Antipolo! (Let’s Go To Antipolo!)

Antipolo — when I hear this place’s name, what echoes in my head is the song “Tayo Na Sa Antipolo”. It was not directly taught in school but I usually read it from books and hear it in radios. It is just around 25 kilometers away from the bustling streets of Manila so it is not really far. I had been here. I remembered that I had attended several masses in the famous church here with my family when I was a child. This time, my friends and I planned to visit this pride of Rizal province.
Of course, I am so excited for this trip because I made our itinerary. I chose places that were budget-friendly, for budgetarians like us, and traveler-friendly, for Dora-like explorers like us.

P.S. I am really grateful to the reviews from TripAdvisor and blogs of selected people because it gave me an idea where to go, what to do, and how much is to pay (we don’t have a car, honestly). I highly suggest to you pips to write your reviews regarding a trip or anything because it gives others a glimpse or a preview regarding it.

Here it goes.

We went to Antipolo last October 27, 2016. We left our place at around 6 in the morning. We had expected to arrive by 7 so we could hear the second mass. There was no hassle along our trip because there was no traffic. Our trip was very convenient. After getting off of the UV Express, we had to walk the steep and paved road going to the Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. By the way, I will be listing down my expenses during the trip so you will have an idea how much will it cost you to get there. (Plus, to avoid overpricing on your part.)


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